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Orthotic Solutions Receives PDAC Approval for its Lumbrella Device

Orthotic Solutions, the developer of Lumbrella™, a new class of prefabricated customizable Lumbosacral Orthosis designed to bridge the gap between traditional prefabricated bracing and custom fabricated spinal bracing, today announced that it has received Pricing, Data, Analysis and Coding (PDAC) notification of reimbursement in the United States.

Based on PDAC review and application of Durable Medical Equipment, (DME)MAC policy, the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes listed below should be used when billing Lumbrella for reimbursement:

HCPCS Code L0637 - lumbar-sacral orthosis customized to fit.

HCPCS Code L0650 - lumbar-sacral orthosis prefabricated off-the-shelf

Scott Hinshon, CO and Orthotic Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Inventor of Lumbrella stated, “We are pleased to have received PDAC notification that our Lumbrella device line has now been approved for reimbursement in the US market. The timing is fortuitous as we officially launch Lumbrella this week at this year’s AOPA National Assembly at booth 330.”

Hinshon continued, “We believe this product represents a disruptive entry into a very sizeable market. Lumbrella is a first-of-its-kind LSO that utilizes innovative design features and micro-adjustable Boa® components to deliver the support of a custom orthosis with the adjustability and comfort of a prefabricated LSO.”

Lumbrella’s patented technology creates a number of industry “firsts”.