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Orthotic Solutions to Launch Lumbrella™ in US at the 2018 American Orthotic Prosthetic Association (

Orthotic Solutions, the developer of Lumbrella™, a new class of prefabricated customizable Lumbosacral Orthosis designed to bridge the gap between traditional prefabricated bracing and custom fabricated spinal bracing, today announced the official US launch of Lumbrella will take place on September 26, 2018 as part of the Company’s participation at the 2018 American Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly. The event is being held September 26-29 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Company may be found at booth 330.

Scott Hinshion, Orthotic Solutions Chief Executive Officer and Founder stated, “We look forward to the upcoming launch of Lumbrella at this year’s AOPA National Assembly. We believe this product represents a disruptive entry into a sizeable market. Lumbrella is a first-of-its-kind LSO that utilizes innovative design features and micro-adjustable Boa components to deliver the support of a custom orthosis with the adjustability and comfort of a prefabricated LSO.”

Lumbrella’s patented technology creates a number of industry “firsts”.

  • The Dynamic Lumbar Panel (DLP) is a clever combination of material deformation and a micro adjustable Boa® Fit lacing system that achieves a perfectly conformed contour to fit every lumbar curve, just by turning a dial. Once set, the DLP becomes a static posturing element.

  • The unique design of the Inner Belt allows it to be tightened independently from the Outer Belt through the use of another Boa® Fit system. The Inner Belt is attached to the Dynamic Abdominal Panel and the combination of components acts as a true 3 Point Force system, another first.

Christian Weidner, Orthotic Solutions Chief Operating Officer added, “We’re excited to introduce Lumbrella, we believe it has the potential to serve an unmet need in the market while providing improved quality of life for patients. Based on a 2015 Medicare report, there were approximately 195,000 pre-fabricated LSOs allowed with a total US market of approximately 630,000.”

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